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Bin Omairah has been offering multi-utility infrastructure solutions for more than 45 years, partnering with leading utilities companies in the MENA region. Bin Omairah endeavors to be the benchmark brand in high-quality infrastructure solutions for Power Grids including Grid Substations, Water & Sewerage Systems including Pumping and Lift Stations, Tele-communication Systems, Road Construction, and Building Construction. This means constantly adapting smart and agile project management tools, new construction processes and practices, and global benchmarking.
Bin Omairah is also offering a distinctive real estate portfolio including residential and commercial properties under its real estate development arm "Tenmou Real Estate Company (TRC)". Today, TRC is qualified in "Wafi". Wafi is a program launched by the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs & Housing for the Off-plan Sales and Rent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In line with Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision and out of our beliefs in following the technology wherever it goes, Bin Omairah Renewable has been emerged to be the development, contracting, and manufacturing arm of Bin Omairah in renewable energy. We strongly believe that our Masdar Solar -as a global project for manufacturing PV Solar Panels with a total capacity of 1200 MW and a very strategic location in Tabuk region in the north-west coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia proximate to Saudi Arabia's main Giga projects which are coming together and rolled out as part of Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision- will be part of the ambitious plan to encourage technology transfer in the renewable energy industries and the localization of significant parts of the renewable energy value chain in the Saudi economy to align with goals of Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision and Saudi Arabia’s landmark pledge aiming to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060, launched by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the Head of the Higher Committee for the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) on October 23, 2021. With this project, Masdar Solar expects to become one of the most important manufacturers in the MENA region. To achieve this, Masdar Solar will cover both local and global markets from here in Tabuk.

Bin Omairah builds solid and lasting relationships with its customers through its culture of customer centricity, based on the core values of teamwork, transparency, ethical conduct, integrity, and commitment toward our customers.

Fahad Bin Omairah